New York Technology Educators Network

The objective of the New York Technology Educators Network is to improve the use of instructional and administrative technology tools in each of its member districts, and to enhance the process of teaching and learning to support the goals of each member district, including:

  • Sharing information concerning current and future educational practices, issues, and plans,

  • Encouraging cooperative educational research,

  • Supporting teachers and administrators in the enhancement of the learning process,

  • Utilizing collaborative tools to promote discussion and communication amongst members,

  • Engaging in advocacy at the regional, state and federal level to support the effective use of instructional technology in the school setting,

  • Developing cooperative relationships and programs with other regional associations involved in education, representing boards of education, parent and teacher organizations, employee unions and industry councils, and other administrative groups.

NYTEN was founded in 2000 and is supported by the Lower Hudson Network of Teacher Centers. Starting with two teacher centers and 9 school districts, it has grown to cover districts in the entire Lower Hudson Valley. Our commitment is to provide meaningful and up-to-date technology training and education to teachers in the Lower Hudson Region.

NYTEN Co-chairs

​Jennifer Forsberg, Yorktown Central School District

Chris Nelson, Katonah-Lewisboro School District