The name of this organization shall be the New York Technology Educators Network (NYTEN), and it shall draw its membership from school districts in or around the Lower Hudson Valley, including but not limited to Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Orange, Ulster, Sullivan and Dutchess counties.


Partner Organizations are organizations that support the mission of NYTEN, whose activities are not primarily based in the sales of technology goods or services. Partner Organizations must be accepted into NYTEN by a majority vote of the membership. Once accepted, Partner Organizations may be represented at all group meetings by a representative designated by the Partner Organization.


The objective of the NYTEN shall be to improve the use of instructional and administrative technology tools in each of its member districts, and to enhance the process of teaching and learning to support the goals of each member district, including:

  • Sharing information concerning current and future educational practices, issues, and plans,

  • Encouraging cooperative educational research,

  • Supporting teachers and administrators in the enhancement of the learning process,

  • Utilizing collaborative tools to promote discussion and communication amongst members

  • Engaging in advocacy at the regional, state and federal level to support the effective use of instructional technology in the school setting,

  • Developing cooperative relationships and programs with other regional associations involved in education, representing boards of education, parent and teacher organizations, employee unions and industry councils, and other administrative groups.


Active membership in NYTEN shall consist of two groups, voting members and non-voting members

Voting Members shall be active members serving in a technology leadership position in a member school district within the NYTEN membership region. Representatives of Partner Organizations and any NYTEN member who has retired from their position may participate as a non-voting member.

In order to maintain active voting member status, members must vote in Leadership Team elections every other year. During years in which an election is not held, members must respond to a survey delivered by the Leadership Team which entails verifying member’s roles in their respective districts. or organizations or status as a retiree.

Vendors, school district trustees, private contractors and consultants are not eligible for membership, unless serving in a leadership capacity, verified by a member school district, but may be invited to participate in specific instances where warranted and agreed upon by the membership.

Members are expected to maintain confidentiality within the membership, including information from the listserv and all meetings whether in person or online. While it is expected that members will use shared practices of other members for planning in their district, the sharing of information from meetings and the listserv with vendors for the purpose of providing sales leads is strictly prohibited. Members that use the listserv or meetings to market services or products, from which they personally benefit, or provide information directly to vendors, without the permission of other members, will be removed from the group for a period of one year.


The leadership of NYTEN shall be elected as part of a Leadership Team that consists of two or three members who will serve as Co-Chairpersons. The Leadership Team shall work together to divide their responsibilities and shall collaboratively lead the membership.

Nominations shall be made by the membership and the election process completed prior to the June meeting of an election year. All active members are eligible for inclusion as part of an election ticket consisting of two or three members.

Leadership Team members shall be elected by a vote of the members bi-annually prior to the June meeting and shall hold office for two years. Each voting member shall have one vote. Provisions shall be made for absentee voting by all active members. All votes will be tallied and new Leadership Team members announced at the end of the June meeting. Election procedures will be distributed to all active members prior to the June meeting. A valid election shall be one which consists of at least sixty percent of the active membership participating in the vote and where one group of nominees receives more votes than the others.


Duties of the Leadership Team shall include but are not limited to:

  • Determine the time and location for all NYTEN meetings

  • Supervise the planning of the agenda for all NYTEN meetings

  • Preside at all meetings of the NYTEN

  • Keep a record of the proceedings of the NYTEN

  • With input from the members develop an annual work plan based on the needs of the members

  • Representing the NYTEN in contacts with outside organizations

  • Carrying on the necessary correspondence of the NYTEN

  • Acting as liaisons with the NYTEN Partner Organizations

  • Provide opportunities for members to collaborate and discuss topics of interest to the NYTEN membership both synchronously and asynchronously

  • Create and maintain NYTEN communication vehicles such as the website, listserv, and social media platforms

  • Determine an equitable and appropriate form of recognition for any accolades, achievements, recognitions, or retirements of Active Members

  • At the start of every school year, memberships and listservs are updated to include only those who meet the criteria of an Active Voting member or a Non-Voting Member.


The NYTEN shall maintain committees as needed. From time to time ad hoc committees may be formed to respond to emerging issues. The NYTEN Leadership Team will be responsible for creating and running these groups.


At least five general meetings shall be scheduled at such times and places throughout the year as may be determined by the Leadership Team. Scheduling in-person meetings held on site, at a host district or other suitable venue, shall be the first priority. When in-person meetings are not possible, meetings may be held via video-conference. Special meetings may be called by the Team when in their judgment the interests of the NYTEN warrant such action. At least two business days notice specifying the time and place of special meetings shall be given to all active members.


This Constitution and By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote where at least sixty percent of the NYTEN active membership has participated in the vote. The results of any vote which do not meet the sixty percent minimum will be considered null and void. Proposed amendments in written form shall be sent to active members of the NYTEN at least ten days in advance of the meeting at which they will be considered. The NYTEN Leadership Team will be responsible for overseeing the vote of any proposed amendments.


Ver 1.0 First Draft June 19, 2013 (Steering Committee)Ver 1.1 Second Draft, June 27, 2013 (Steering Committee)Ver 1.2 Third Draft, September 13, 2013 (JTL, SRR)Ver 1.3 Final Draft, September 30, 2013 (Steering Committee)Ver 1.4 Voting Discussion Modifications, December 2, 2013 (JTL)Ver 1.5 Modifications to Membership and Partner Organization Descriptions, March 2019Ver1.6 Modifications to Article VIII - Meetings to allow meetings via video-conference , August 2021